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The GPLv3 licensed copy of the ChemDoodle Web Components cannot be used in proprietary products. We sell a commercial license that can be used instead. The ChemDoodle Web Components is the industry standard for HTML5 chemical graphics and interfaces. Your product will shine with the ChemDoodle Web Components powering it. Our rates are very reasonable and our partners enjoy huge benefits that your competition will envy.

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Organizations that Commercially License ChemDoodle Web Components

The most successful organizations choose ChemDoodle Web Components. Those listed here are a selection of our customers.

Proprietary Only Features

In addition to all of the wonderful features available in the GPLv3 licensed copy of the ChemDoodle Web Components that you can download on this website, iChemLabs provides additional features for commercial customers. These features include the following and are described below:

  1. Condensed Labels
  2. Atom Label Tool
  3. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  4. Solvent Excluded (Connolly) Surfaces
  5. Shadows
  6. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Condensed Labels

Complex labels require additional tools for parsing, formatting and rendering. With this feature, your chemical structures can contain advanced chemical labels consisting of element symbols, abbreviations (a dictionary controlled by you) and numbers and parenthesis for multiplicities. The labels are automatically formatted chemically and oriented based on least interference with surrounding bonds. Some examples include COOH, CO2Me, N3, CH2(CH2)4OH, C3H7O, Tosyl, myAbbreviation, and more. Use this to create concise publication quality figures directly in your websites.

Condensed labels rendered by ChemDoodle Web Components

Atom Label Tool

Just like in the desktop software, the sketcher now contains an atom label tool, allowing users to directly input complex chemical labels into the sketcher. This works at any scale or resolution and on desktop and mobile devices. Just like in the desktop software, the space key will allow users to open the text field on a hovered atom (return or enter key closes it) and pressing the return or enter key over another hovered atom will repeat the last typed label.

Atom Label Tool, also works on Mobile

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Scalable vector graphics are rendered clearly at any resolution. Output SVG images of ChemDoodle Web Components in addition to PNG. See this advanced tutorial for more information. Zoom in on the following two images output from ChemDoodle Web Components to see the difference.


Solvent Excluded (Connolly) Surfaces

In addition to van der Waals and solvent accessible surfaces, proprietary customers have access to solvent excluded surfaces (also known as Connolly surfaces) which are great for showing off true molecular shape and protein receptor pockets. The probe radius and resolution are fully controllable. In the image below, all three types are rendered for a molecule to illustrate the difference (the van der Waals surface is completely enclosed in the solvent excluded surface). And yes, this image was created with the ChemDoodle Web Components.

The Different Surface Types


One technique for creating very engaging and realistic graphics is shadow rendering. You can control the intensity of shadows and it will update based on the current light direction. This can be used to great effect from small molecules all the way to large ribbon diagrams.

Shadows Add Depth in Complex Structures

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) is another advanced technique for creating very realistic graphics. SSAO allows us to simulate how much ambient light is accessible to objects in crowded spaces, allowing us to shade the scene in a more accurate manner. This works on all geometries, but the feature can really be shown off in space filling all-atom models of large macromolecules.

Differences Between Shading and SSAO

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