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Chemical Image Recovery (CIR) is the process of taking an image of a chemical drawing, with no provided information other than the defined pixels, and using a computer to recreate the original chemical data to be used or edited further. The actual chemical data, the arrangement of atoms and bonds, is digitized. We can now further process this information. Some may also refer to this function as Optical Structure Recognition (OSR).

This demo will load an image file of a chemical drawing and recover the original objects. Sample images are provided at the bottom. The result will be presented below the file input. Use ChemDoodle 2D to fully recover and edit your image files.

A few things to note:

  • This demo is limited to the objects and properties supported by the ChemDoodle Web Components. For the more accurate raw conversion, use the ChemDoodle 2D desktop software.
  • The maximum file size allowed is 1MB. For larger files, use the ChemDoodle 2D desktop software.
  • Results depend on many factors, including the size and resolution of the input image as well as the fonts available. Please consult section 15.10 of the ChemDoodle 2D user guide for more information. The uploaded files are not cached or stored. If you have any issues or are not satisfied with the results, simply send us the file and we will improve it.

Raw Interpretation (use ChemDoodle 2D)

CWC Compatible Interpretation (editable in web sketcher)

Sample Images

Save or drag an image to your desktop, then select it using the file chooser above.

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