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To ensure the continued success of ChemDoodle Web Components, iChemLabs is dedicated to funding and developing this project. Please also help us by mentioning it to your colleagues and friends and placing a link to us on your webpage. If you really like ChemDoodle Web Components, you may also enjoy ChemDoodle, our advanced and affordable chemical structure environment that works on all operating systems.

Download ChemDoodle Web Components v10.0.0
SHA256 checksum: b968c040bd35783b4db7ca871f80f5b91a2c2df365d2c667e6a24f70db39ef45
ChemDoodleWeb.js is only 319 KB!


Setting up ChemDoodle Web Components for use on your website is very simple and consists of 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the ChemDoodle Web Components library above.
  2. Install the following files on your website. This can be done by simply copying the files to your server so they are accessible by your webpages.
    1. ChemDoodleWeb.css
    2. ChemDoodleWeb.js
  3. Link to the essential files as URI resources in the <head> section of all the pages in which you would like to use the components. [path] is a placeholder and should be the path to the installation files on your web server.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="[path]/ChemDoodleWeb.css" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="[path]/ChemDoodleWeb.js"></script>

Congratulations! ChemDoodle Web Components is now installed and ready for you to use!

Getting Started

Please refer to the Tutorial menu on the top of this website to begin using the ChemDoodle Web Components.

The ChemDoodleWeb/samples directory in the download contains various sample HTML files for different components. Just open these files in a web browser to see them work, and view their source to learn how they work.

We also recommend reading the following two reviews in the Journal of Cheminformatics:

3rd Party Libraries

ChemDoodle uses the following 3rd party libraries, which are embedded in the ChemDoodle scope (ChemDoodle.lib):

  • canvas2svg - Convert content on the canvas into SVG. MIT license.
  • glMatrix - A high performance matrix maths library by Brandon Jones. MIT license.
  • jsBezier - Mathematical functions for working with bezier curves. MIT license.
  • isosurface - Marching cubes support. MIT license.

The following libraries are only included when you import the uis extension, as the ChemDoodle Web Components uses jQuery UI for its interfaces:

  • jQuery - A JavaScript utility library, necessary for jQuery UI. MIT license. (uis extension only)
  • jQuery Simple Color - A jQuery plugin to display a visual color picker. MIT license. (uis extension only)
  • jQuery Touch Punch - A jQuery extension to improve jQuery UI interactivity on mobile devices. MIT license. (uis extension only)
  • jQuery UI - A jQuery extension for creating web based interfaces. MIT license. (uis extension only)

Because these libraries are embedded in the ChemDoodle scope, they will not interfere with any other versions of these libraries linked on your page. For instance, you can link another version of glMatrix on your page and it will not interfere with ChemDoodle Web Components or vice versa.

You may find that you need to update to a newer version or use an older version of one of the libraries used by ChemDoodle Web Components (if you are customizing the ChemDoodle Web Components for instance). In this case, you will need to replace the appropriate library in the source and properly update the third party library to reference the ChemDoodle.lib scope. There is no guarantee that ChemDoodle Web Components will continue to work if there are major differences between the provided version of these libraries and the ones you are replacing it with. More information about these libraries can be found in the ChemDoodle Web Components download.

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