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This demo doesn't actually use any ChemDoodle Web Components. It instead shows off the power of iChemLabs cloud services, that can be accessed through the ChemDoodle.iChemLabs package. This demo will load a ChemDraw® CDX file and display a PDF vector image of the file's content in the area below. The PDF is generated by the ChemDoodle Java API.

A few things to note:

  • This is only a demo, and watermarks will be shown on output. To save PDFs of ChemDraw files and edit them, please consider purchasing ChemDoodle.
  • These PDFs are generated on a Linux server with limited access to fonts. Therefore the fonts displayed may not be as nice as the ones specified in the file and some text may be cut off in text areas.
  • Firefox doesn't have a built in PDF viewer. Use Safari or Chrome instead.

NOTE: PDF support in iFrames across browsers has become less stable so this demo is no longer supported. To generate images from your ChemDraw files, try a free ChemDoodle Trial.

*ChemDraw is a registered trademark of CambridgeSoft Corporation.

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