Advanced topics and usage of the ChemDoodle Web Components library are covered in this menu.

  • Developing Plugins – A tutorial discussing how to develop plugins for the ChemDoodle Web Components library.
  • Image Export – Work with the image packages in the ChemDoodle Web Components to export bitmap and vector images.
  • Initializing Components after Closing the DOM – Our basic tutorial shows how to initialize ChemDoodle Web Components as you are writing the DOM. Initializing them after the DOM is closed is just as easy as we show here.
  • Lewis Dot Structures – Several techniques for rendering Lewis Dot Structures in ChemDoodle Web Components.
  • Sketcher: Application Window – We demonstrate and provide a template for creating a more desktop like application experience for the sketcher.
  • Sketcher: Listening to User Changes – The sketcher in the ChemDoodle Web Components allows your users to describe and submit chemical information to your systems. But there may be times where you need to provide your users with immediate feedback as they are drawing their figures. This tutorial describes how to achieve this functionality.
  • Visual Specifications – Learn the ins and outs of using the VisualSpecifications object to fully control every last aspect of your graphics.
  • Working with CIF Files – How to work with Crystallographic Information Files in ChemDoodle Web Components.
  • Working with PDB Files – How to work with Protein Data Bank Files in ChemDoodle Web Components.