The Spectral Game


Jean-Claude Bradley
Robert J Lancashire
Andrew SID Lang
Antony J Williams


The interpretation of spectra has always been an essential skill for mastering organic chemistry and many students struggle to grasp the nuances of various spectroscopy techniques. One of the problems is that traditional textbook assignments are pre-selected to provide simple examples that rarely deviate from what was learned in class. We believe this can be a disservice to students in that it does not prepare them for real-world structure elucidation challenges. With these limitations in mind we took advantage of the availability of the present perfect storm of internet technologies, online databases of Open structure and spectral data and flexible and intuitive tools for the viewing of spectral data to design a spectral game to assist in the teaching of spectroscopy in an entertaining yet educational manner.

The Spectral Game uses ChemDoodle Web Components to display interactive spectra for use on both desktop and mobile platforms.


SpectralGame Website
Antony Williams discusses playing SpectralGame on mobile devices using ChemDoodle Web Components