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Vitali Coltuclu


LaTeX, a document preparation system, has a rich set of built-in features for displaying formulas, plots, pictures, etc. Not surprisingly, that it is a tool of choice of mathematicians, physicists and engineers to write scientific and technical documents. Sadly, the situation for chemistry is different. Despite the fact that there are several great Latex packages for chemistry, all of them require a hand-coding of chemical structures (atoms, bonds, angles) which is not a problem if one has a simple structure, but in case of more complex situations, coding by hand becomes a tedious and time-consuming process. In such instances Mol2chemfig Web can be very handy. Mol2chemfig Web – is a web interface that allows to generate and visualize chemical structures for LaTeX documents quickly and easily. It combines several open source libraries and provides a user-friendly interaction with structures depicted in chemfig format. Integrated database search allows to find molecules by name and retrieve their smiles format. If a compound of interest is not in the database, ChemDoodle sketcher provides a convenient interface for drawing and generating molfiles of custom structures. Furthermore, the molecule represented in chemfig format can be easily modified and all changes are synchronized with pdfviewer in real-time. For other features, please visit this page

To conclude, Mol2chemfig Web can be of great help in writing chemical documents in Latex. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the work of all the authors of programs/libraries (Chemfig, Mol2chemfig, ChemDoodle Web Components, PubchemPy, Indigo) I utilized to develop the web interface.


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