Melanie Burger, University of Toronto
Michael Corrin, University of Toronto
Dr. Ghislain Deslongchamps, University of New Brunswick
Dr. Jodie Jenkinson, University of Toronto


Lab3D is a new and growing online resource of animated organic chemistry reactions. The resource is targeted at undergraduate students in their first or second year. The reactions currently featured, nucleophilic substitutions and eliminations, are taught in introductory organic chemistry classes. Lab3D is unique in displaying synchronized 2-D and 3-D reaction animations simultaneously. The split screen video display is intended to help students intuitively connect the sub-micro and symbolic levels of molecular representation and construct more comprehensive mental models of chemical reactions. The reaction were modelled in Spartan Student (Wavefunction Inc.) and displayed using ChemDoodle Web Components (iChemLabs).


Lab3D Website
CCCE Presentation