Nicolas Carpi


eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It also features a database where you can store any kind of objects (think antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc…) It is accessed via the browser by the users. Several research teams can be hosted on the same install, so eLabFTW can be installed at the institute level and host everyone at the same place (this is what is done at Institut Curie and in several other research centers across the globe.

Tired of that shared excel file for your antibodies or plasmids ?

Want to be able to search in your past experiments as easily as you’d do it on google ?

Want an electronic lab notebook that lets you timestamp legally your experiments ?

Then you are at the right place !

eLabFTW is designed to be installed on a server, and people from the team would just log into it from their browser. Don’t have a server ? That’s okay, you can use an old computer with 1 Go of RAM and an old CPU, it’s more than enough. Just install a recent GNU/Linux distribution on it and plug it to the intranet.

eLabFTW uses the ChemDoodle Web Components library to power its chemistry functionality.


eLabFTW GitHub Repository
eLabFTW Website