This menu contains several demos to show off advanced usage of the ChemDoodle Web Components library.

  • 2D Sketcher – A sample sketcher and user guide to introduce new users to the interface.
  • 2D to 3D Coordinates – Draw your structure in a 2D HTML5 <canvas> and have 3D coordinates generated and displayed in a WebGL <canvas>.
  • 3D Editor – A sample 3D editor and user guide to introduce new users to the interface.
  • Benzene Pong – Play Pong with a twist. Instead of a ball, you have a benzene ring. Have fun!
  • CDX Viewer – Convert ChemDraw files to PDF. This demo shows off the power of iChemLabs cloud services that access the ChemDoodle Java API.
  • IUPAC Naming – Generate IUPAC names for drawn molecules and compare various IUPAC naming packages.
  • IZA Zeolite Explorer – Search through the IZA database of zeolites and view unit cells and supercells in various representations.
  • Lewis Dot Structures – Have ChemDoodle create Lewis Dot Structures from your skeletal drawings.
  • Memory Game – Not everything created with the ChemDoodle Web Components library has to be highly technical. This demo simply puts a chemical twist on the classic memory game. Anything you can think of you can create with ChemDoodle Web Components.
  • Mechanism Matching – Draw advanced chemistry mechanisms and match them using this demo.
  • MolGrabber 3D – A 3D interface where users may view common pharmaceutical drugs and search PubChem for 3D structures. The 3D structure is animated and the user can interact with it and change the 3D representation.
  • PDB Ribbons – Search the Protein Data Bank and load ribbon models. View ribbon models for proteins and nucleic acid based macromolecules. The graphics of the ribbon models can be customized.
  • Simulate NMR and MS – Draw a structure in an HTML5 <canvas> and then see 1H and 13C NMR spectra, as well as the mass parent peak (isotopic distribution), simulated in other interactive HTML5 <canvas>s that display the spectra.