There are a number of significant advantages to using ChemDoodle Web Components over other solutions.

Native Browser Experience

ChemDoodle Web Components are pure Javascript, which is the language of the browser. Any elements from the library integrate seamlessly with webpages. Users will be amazed by the powerful and clean appearance of your websites and web applications. It is time to give your users the next-generation experience.

Simple Installation

Using the ChemDoodle Web Components library is as simple as linking the Javascript source file as a URI resource. The library is very easy to learn and even high school students have created projects with it.


ChemDoodle Web Components are supported in all major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. The library will also work anywhere a HTML5 engine is accessible, including through UIWebView components in Apple‘s Cocoa toolkit and through other packaging systems such as PhoneGap.

No Plugins

Goodbye Java and Flash! ChemDoodle Web Components work off of the native browser functions and you can finally throw out those clunky plugins. Never again will you have to wrestle with complicated installations, long load times, buggy implementations or security issues.


The ChemDoodleWeb.js file that powers ChemDoodle Web Components is only 407 KB in size. This library loads fast and allows your users to quickly get their job done.

Mobile Devices

Java and Flash do not work on iPhones and iPads. ChemDoodle Web Components do! Android is also supported.

Publication Quality Graphics

Graphics for 2D and 3D structures, reactions and spectra are supported using the groundbreaking HTML5 <canvas> and WebGL technologies. The graphics standards are based on the ChemDoodle chemical publishing application that is world renowned for its publication quality graphics.


ChemDoodle Web Components can recognize user interactions from any device. It recognizes mouse and keyboard events for desktop applications. It also recognizes touch events and gestures for mobile applications. Even very specific actions like rotating an iPad can be easily recognized. One library to rule them all!

Thoroughly Tested

ChemDoodle Web Components development is always checked by a thorough testing suite. It is very unlikely that you will encounter any bugs, ever! But if you do, we will fix them ASAP.

Robust Cheminformatics API

ChemDoodle Web Components has built in access to the entire ChemDoodle desktop API through AJAX XMLHttpRequest Level 2 calls to our server. ChemDoodle is a powerful and robust library that is used by thousands of scientists all around the world. This feature gives you out-of-the-box functionality to do things like read ChemDoodle or ChemDraw files directly through Javascript.

Optimized Javascript

ChemDoodle Web Components source is written using Javascript best standards. Only a single variable, ChemDoodle, is placed into the global Javascript namespace by this library, so you can be sure it doesn’t interfere with any other scripts. All code is packaged using closures for optimal speed and minification.


The ChemDoodle Web Components library is the most secure way to develop scientific apps. Javascript is as secure as the browser it runs in, and any questionable functions are checked by the browser. You don’t need to worry that some Java virus will hijack your applet and destroy your users’ hard drives.

No Hidden Files

Users just need to flush the cache for their browser, and all records that they even used ChemDoodle Web Components will be gone.

Large Userbase

ChemDoodle Web Components are used by many around the world. The ChemDoodle brand is one of the most well known in chemical graphics. Many of your users will already be familiar with our tools and you will attract many more when our users discover you are using ChemDoodle. With major educational publishers and scientific media vendors licensing the ChemDoodle Web Components, and academic institutions around the world using the ChemDoodle Web Components in products, teaching and research, this userbase is always growing. See how others use the ChemDoodle Web Components.

ADA Compliance

Being fully customizable and fully open source, the ChemDoodle Web Components library helps to make any product ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. You can change all the colors and sizes as needed and fully customize it for your users. For instance, it is easy to add in sounds to changes in the sketcher using our API. Make sure your tools are ADA compliant by using the ChemDoodle Web Components in your project!


Unlike other open-source projects where interest dwindles and updates eventually stop, iChemLabs is dedicated to funding, developing and supporting this library. We guarantee you that ChemDoodle Web Components will remain actively developed and supported for the foreseeable future. We provide high-quality support for this library.