iChemLabs was founded in February 2007 by Kevin Theisen to distribute the scientific software he was developing. He initially studied and developed algorithms to simulate nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This research involved the production of scientifically oriented graphical user interfaces, and his interests expanded to incorporate scientific visualization and graphics. Over the last few years, our goals have become more focused:

1. Provide the Gold Standard in quality and function for chemical publishing software.
2. Be at the forefront of the next generation of web-based scientific software.
3. Grow our presence in this industry by providing quality proprietary and open-source software solutions to benefit our partners and collaborators.
4. Focus on compatibility in all aspects: operating systems (Linux fully supported), platforms (netbooks, mobile devices), web services (ChemDoodle Web Components), 3rd party support (Databases, OpenOffice, iWork)

iChemLabs is the developer of ChemDoodle and other high quality applications and libraries that are both accessible and affordable to students and scientists. We intend to reach as many users as possible and to bring solutions to the scientists that need them. Therefore, our goal is to support all operating systems including Linux, all web browsers for our web technologies, and all platforms including netbooks and mobile devices. iChemLabs also provides consulting and custom development. To learn more about iChemLabs, or to contact us for any reason, please visit the iChemLabs homepage.